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  1. bill bokey

    Bass Vst?

    I used a cheap Squier Affinity P-Bass and the Ampeg SVX plugin on some recordings and was very pleased with the sound.
  2. bill bokey

    Sam 9 With Uad ?

    this is due to latency compensation
  3. bill bokey

    2 To 3 Gb Memory Limit

    I thought it was only 2GB ?
  4. bill bokey

    I Need Convincing....

    it's the reason it use samplitude. I remember it took me about 5 min to understand how to record and mix, without reading the manual. it was with sequoia 7 at a friend's homestudio. I was using logic platinum then and have tried cubase 3 but samplitude is much easier to use than either of them.
  5. bill bokey

    Favourite Rhodes Plugin

    I use Elektrik piano, have not heard of the others... Elektrik sounds good, but the controls are weird...well they are not all there. different controls appear depending on the patch you load...
  6. bill bokey

    Problems With Sam V9

    thanks for the help. I might have been using too many vstis at the same time. I freezed some tracks and it seems ok... I never used vstis before I got V9, so I probably got carried away... regarding the Fireface, well....it's much better than the edirol ua-5 or the Presonus Firepod I had. it doesn't sound like making music on a computer anymore. well worth the $$$$ I think. but I don't know much about audio interfaces
  7. bill bokey

    Problems With Sam V9

    (ok, it seems I activated samplitude and I don't remember doing it) but why can't I post anywhere else ? how should I set up the fireface and sam 9 I get clicks and pops and don't know how to get rid of them.. where can I find all the infos about setting up the soundcard and sam ?
  8. bill bokey

    Problems With Sam V9

    ok, I have my new PC and Sam V9. great ! but I have a few problems : - I can't register (the "program activation" thing in the help menu can't be clicked on) - I get clicks and pops !! soundcard : Fireface 800 asio buffer : 1024 vip buffer : 2048 24 bit playback
  9. bill bokey

    Best System For Samplitude 9 ?

    hi bill, rme soundcards are recommended by sam-support. cheers, andy ok andy, cheers ! I will get a Fireface 800 then. rock on ! Bill
  10. bill bokey

    Best System For Samplitude 9 ?

    ok, I get it now ! thank you for your help
  11. bill bokey

    Best System For Samplitude 9 ?

    thx seb to make sure I understood : entreprise = raptor ? just a different make ? regarding soundcards, is an RME Fireface 800 better quality than the Firepod Presonus ?
  12. bill bokey

    Best System For Samplitude 9 ?

    ok, I'll have a look at these. thx dr.funk any suggestions on a soundcard ? (4-8 mic inputs)
  13. bill bokey

    Best System For Samplitude 9 ?

    ok, thanks a lot sebastian Bill