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  1. gtrguy1@aol.com

    Sharing/Swapping VIP projects with another user

    I always use one folder for each song. Copy the whole folder and you are done.
  2. gtrguy1@aol.com

    OT: Eventide UltraChannel Native Plug-in Giveaway

    Is there any manual with this?
  3. gtrguy1@aol.com

    Guidance For Repairing A Q&A Session

    Good question. Here is what I would do. Up top is an icon to lock objects in the timeline. Click this "on". Next hold the control key while clicking on the audience objects to select them. Once they are all selected drag and drop them to a new track. Next I would start processing these at the object level. I would get set snapshots/presets for four zones or starting points. For example someone who is loud and may have plosives a preset with HPF, compressor and EQ. Next would be a preset for close but not as loud and no plosives. Maybe just compress and EQ. ETC. Now when you listen to each object pick the preset that is closest to your needs and tidy it up from there. After you get those all consistent finish up processing at the track level. Hope this helps. Jeff
  4. gtrguy1@aol.com

    Magix sequoia 11 latency

    Awesome, glad this worked for you!
  5. gtrguy1@aol.com

    Magix sequoia 11 latency

    Try cutting your VIP buffer in half or 1/4. Also ASIO buffer in half.
  6. gtrguy1@aol.com

    Subjective Opinions on Applying Reverb

    If the first or even second thing you notice about a mix is the reverb, most likely it's too much reverb. I also often hear reverb which is too big (long) for the mix. I also don't like hearing a lot of low end or low mids in the reverb, especially in dense or upbeat music. When I am working with my interns I always get them to finish everything else in a mix first, and only then add verb to what you need, if anything at all.
  7. gtrguy1@aol.com

    Drag and Drop Plug Ins

    Click and hold the plug you want, drag and drop to new insert.
  8. gtrguy1@aol.com


    Hello Ken and welcome to the Sam forum. You have a registered version of Samplitude, you should register for the members forum. Much more detailed info there. See you soon Jeff
  9. gtrguy1@aol.com

    Yet another Samplitude to ProTools export question!

    Thanks for the correction.
  10. gtrguy1@aol.com

    Yet another Samplitude to ProTools export question!

    Are you wanting to give them a stereo file or individual tracks? Either way remember PT only does 24 bit files, no 32 bit.
  11. gtrguy1@aol.com

    Which EQ and where to place it in the signal chain?

    I use the channel EQ before anything else. I use this to cut any frequencies I do not want. I then do compression, gating and general tone shaping. Last I use another eq for any boosting duties. As a general rule I go through every track and cut. When I am satisfied I go back and do any boosting.
  12. gtrguy1@aol.com

    Why did you come to Samplitude or Sequoia?

    In the late 90's I REALLY hated PT. You would make an EQ change and it would need to render the file. Change compression---render the file. Samplitude sounded better, was processed in real time, 32 bit float instead of fixed point, master and burn your cd from Samplitude. Nothing else on the market did that! Fast forward 13-14 years it's still my fave by a mile.
  13. gtrguy1@aol.com

    UAD 1 Samplitude 9

    Have Samplitude scan your VST folder. This should do it for you! Jeff
  14. gtrguy1@aol.com

    Just bought Samplitude 11 and crying for help!

    Your gear all looks to be OK, lets check your settings. Are you using ASIO? What are your ASIO buffers set to? VIP buffers? These have a lot of impact on how well things run. Also make sure all drivers are up to date. Make sure virus protection is turned off while working with audio. Jeff