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  1. nonah

    I Want A Piece Of Mind ...

    Hi Eli Sam is the greatest all the way. there is nothing I don't do in Sam (started on V7 and now on v8.02) I don't even use external wave editing. just great. andy Asus_setup.doc
  2. nonah

    Export Audio And Soundcards

    hi all the work is done by SAM the only difference might be is what you hear. becouse you are listening trough another system than at home starting with another audio card. the quality of the converters in both systens makes the difference. hope this helps a bit andy
  3. nonah

    I Need Convincing....

    hi there I am also not so young anymore (63) and using SAM8.03 since 5 years and find it the best ever daw software. I've started with Cubase(SX-5.2-Nuendo) went to Protools le (could not afford the real thing), than found sam7.xx and was sold forever. I had it down in a couple of days before i could front clients, record and mix flawless or at least to them it loked like i knew evrithing 'bout the software. soon i stoped using other tools (like ACID to make samples etc) I do everithing in sam and if i had the juce I'd go and update to the latest version, I'm realy impresse the way it looks. I also use fw1082 now that I'm working from home(a smaler studio) I've made a list of how and what you need to have a good functioning PC-DAW using ASUS and dual core. Asus_Firewire_DAW.doc good luck andy. ps. for demo of sam resulte go to www.andy-weil.nl www.myspace.com/alwfp and let me know how you go and if you need some help, do not fear andy is here, and drop me a line.