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Register On The Real Sam Users Forum?

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Hi folks.

Another SX user here just jumped the ship to Sam 9! Who-hoo!!

thank you...thank you... <_<

Anyway, I'm registered as a user of Sam Pro 9 and Sam Master 6, but I can't access the Sam user's forum....


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I am so jealous!

My Samp was *supposed* to arrive on Thursday according to UPS, but the bad weather delayed it until Friday (yesterday), and then when it didn't arrive by last night, I checked the UPS site again, and they say that they inadvertently left it at the UPS facility, and that it will be delivered on the next business day!

I am pretty ticked off about it! I can't believe it! I was sooo looking forward to getting the full version for this weekend.

Oh well... there will be plenty of time to play come next week...

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