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Hi, i'm a new user in the samp's pool. I switched fron cubase sx3 because samp's best sounding, but i have some thing to undestand about automation. I put an VSTi instrument in a track (example: Albino), put automation over an instrument's control, curve of automation of that control is shown in the track. At least Ok!; but if i change the instrument for another (anything else: robota, Akoustik Piano, etc...) the curve of automation of previous instrument still get there in the track!!!

Is ok?

It's me?

I miss something?

It's a bug?

Please i need a help

Bests Quoddam

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Hi , yes..the automation belongs to the track . Though specifically made by a certain VSTi , the CC# automation can belong too and affect any other midi inst.

To remove the tracks midi automation you need to go into CNTRL+ALT+A and uncheck and remeove the automation from the track...

Good luck , Rich

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