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Poll Of All Polls (from Main Board)

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Hey dude or dudette!!

I am running this on the main Samp users board.

Just curious to see how many of YOU are actually here, ( and we might have to consider these the core users -- at least the english lang. side).

If you check in with this forum at least once a week -- if you would not mind, just a +1 and that is it, no comments, no remarks, just a check mark, if you will. (yes, we know it is flawed and unscientific, thank you Dr. for that observation, now, you don't have to log that). BTW, have not noticed any ladies here, so if you'd like, a +2 for you.

This poll is directed especially toward those users who come by and don't comment much. (Like me!! :):( )

Now if you are a not a newb, post on the other board only, not on both boards, thanks.

Z +1

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