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10.2 Now Available

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Here is the read me for all your reference...

12/04/2008 Sequoia 10.2

Sequoia only:


-improved project relation of clips. A clip is shown more than once if it’s included in other open VIPs as well

-new option to include Clipstore referenced clips in „Collect project files...“

-Drag & Drop from Explorer or other external programs implemented

-new command to assign clipstore entries to project

-automatic order according used operation (CD import, recording,...)

-wrong timestamp shown if first object did not begin at clip start -fixed

-improved ClipStore for usage of Multichannel WAVs


-Freeze and FX data is copied at save


-diverse fixes for video recording

-Video recording did only update video object if capture dialog was opened -fixed

-updated video codecs (should fix some crashes during video recording)

-video edit in Autocrossfade Mode created Video-Crossfade -fixed

-Video recording didn’t work with Sync –fixed

-Enhanced project exchange with Video Pro X (needs Video Pro X Update)

-EDL Format 1.7 includes surround informationen

-Loading of direct speaker settings from EDL (FL, FR, ...)

-redesigned export dialog

-export EDL from VdL

S/D Cut

- 2-Point-Cut with only 2 Out Points implemented

- 3-Point-Cut without Destination In Point did ripple, if source was longer than destination -fixed

- for 4-Point-Cut nee Destination In Point was not set correctly -fixed

- in S/D Special Mode ripple did not work correctly if source was active -fixed

-diverse problems with option „Copy mixer settings when switching S/D“ (mixer size,

surround, crashes, doubled plugins after loading)

-S/D Special Mode: problems with “Play cursor independent of range” and change between Source and Destination during playback

-S/D Special Mode: „Stop at position“ set positon in wrong panel after change between Source and Destination during playback

-sometimes objects went to master track during S/D-Editing -fixed

-needless Move-Warning for locked objects or tracks for 4-Point-Cut with Timestretching removed -fixed

-SD-Mode: warning before burning CD "CDEnd Marker not over silence" did not ignore Source tracks

- fixed

- Multi-Source-Editing: toggling between Source and Destination projects during playback is also possible in Hybrid Engine now.

CF Editor:

-Zoom/Move to In/Out Point jump/zoom to crossfade

-Shift+AutoZoom jumps to crossfade (without zoom)

-problems with multitrack edit and object volume <-20 dB or >+20 dB -fixed

(volume is now shown correctly)

-Crossfade Editor: (see also “Fades /Crossfades general“ below)

-new option "Center crossfade for zooming", active by default

-“Stop at position” is ignored

-new option "Remember horizontal zoom width"

-new object mode option "Keep global mode"

-“Auto zoom” was sometimes applied to source view of S/D-Projects -fixed

-CF Editor: missing update of curve shape after undo -fixed


- there will always at least 3 seconds of material given to Renovator as requested. If available material is shorter, additional silence is sent to Renovator

- identical behaviour for Manual Declicker and direct access of Renovator

-can now also be used with files shorter than 3s

-new Standard_2008.dclk preset für Manual Declicker and current Algorithmix ScratchFree version,

please adjust and save as Standard-Preset, if current Standard-Preset does not work anymore


-problems with CD offsets if burning another CD from a bounced WAV file -fixed

Samplitude only:

-like Sequoia, no forced frame snap for CD markers, e.g. if markers are used for file export, check is only be done after starting Make CD

Samplitude and Sequoia:

Filehandling / Import / Export


-lossless audio data compression for 16 and 24 bit files

-available natively for Loading/Export /Recording


-new option „POW-r dithering only for master outputs“

-Autoblack-Threshold for SmartDither can be defined

-Track Bouncing Dialog:

-“Dithering” Button with menu to dither options

(Bypass Dither and Standard Dither)

-they will be stored in bounce presets as well

-unnecessary Dither during Export of WAVE-Projects in Destructive Mode -fixed

-Smart Dithering did not work for CD Burn -fixed

-improved details for WAV and RIFF64 files in „Open Audio File“ dialog

-problems with loading interleaved Multichannel WAV Files –fixed

-problem if loading files with name longer than 100 characters -fixed

-File-Import possible for OGG and FLAC files

-CTRL+A for CD Import

-to prevent usuage of ID3 Tags for object names


-now 3 or 4-digits tracknumber prefix for export with more than 100 markers

-(rare) errors in MultiCPU Bounce before CD Burn were not signalized -fixed

-problems during AAC mono export -fixed

-[setup] NoChunksAtWaveEnd=1

-improved warning after wrongly inserted UPC EAN or ISRC

-„Save Effect File in original resolution“ creaded 32 Bit files though original was 24 Bit -fixed

-input of project start time didn’t work for virtual WAVE-Projects -fixed

-Destructive effect on AIFF-Object in VIP was saving file to"Project Files“ not project folder -fixed

-sometimes visual problems in destruktive editing (Drawing) with compressed file formats (MP3, FLAC, OGG)

-several detail improvements for command „Delete virtual project“

-problems with „Collect project files...“ on FAT32-Systems -fixed

-Wave >2GB without RF64 – problems during loading of marker chunks -fixed

-Batchprocessing: MP3 export for 96kHz files ws not possible -fixed

-(Bounce-) problems in first buffer, if audio material is placed on a bus and latent plugins are used–fixed

-problems with CUE export and activated option "Complete CD" -fixed

-problems at object-freeze with special characters („.“,“/“,“>“,“?“) in object name -fixed

-empty object after Freeze of track if other track was in Solo which was dependent on freeze track (AUX Bus, VSTi Output) -fixed

-Mute after UnFreeze of tracks, if other track was in Solo state during freeze operation -fixed

-Multitrack Bounce: all levels are now shown at the end of bouncing

Playback / Recording / Hybrid Engine

-problem at the end of playback/bouncing of „reverse“-objects

-10.1: loop mode was active by default -fixed

-recording with metronom and PreCount turned loop on -fixed

- inaccurate Record-Peakmeter -fixed

-„maximum reverb time for objects“ can now be set up to 60s (caution: might lead to performance problems)

-no maximum Postroll time anymore

-no playback of recorded audio object after Loop -fixed

-remaining object-record-symbols after a multitrack mono recording -fixed

-Take Manager

-take exchange with Enter or double click

-delete of invalid takes possible (without project or with too short project)

-adjustment of object start / object end if necessary (avoids OEBPS at reload of project)

-improved position filter, only takes that overlap for at least 0.5 s are shown

-delete of files including several takes possible

-only Take Manager entry will be deleted

-in case of last take: requester whether file should be deleted

-note: this can be problematic if more than one project is referencing to this file

-no automatic import of takes out of opened files anymore

-no inclusion of open takes into new projects anymore

-sometimes existing takes were deleted after cancel of recording -fixed

-crash if take was changes in Take Manager -fixed

-Multi-Take-Exchange with unselected objects -fixed

-adjusted warning messages

-wrong value if editing value in position column –fixed

-no creation of takes for loops < 1s -fixed

-timing problems with creation of takes for offline FX -fixed

-Take Composer:

-advanced Scissor Tool

-simple click: as before

-Click -> Drawing range -> Release click: only range is copied to first track

-is also working with „Temporar Modifier for Cut-Function“

-Shift-Click for exchange of object under cursor

-Ctrl-Click in order to play ojects under cursor

-if a range is drawn in first track, at both sides of the range a cut is made

-track lock status is ignored

-Ctrl-Space automatically selects object under mouse

-Tooltip to explain usage (over objects)

-cancel of copy if range covers more than a single track

-some crossfade problems -fixed

-automatic backup of "TakeComposer.VIP" when leaving the take composer

-latest used mouse tool will be remembered between program sessions

-some fixes for MIDI objects

-Ctrl-Space didn’t work for VSTi MIDI Takes -fixed

-no automatic graying for other „muted“ tracks anymore (in order to see different color of different takes)

-advanced handling for [Factors] LinkMonitoringAndEconomy=1

-new projekts and tracks are automatically set to Economy Mode

-if a VSTi-Return is inserted Economy is disabled for this track

-0.5s Playstop-Delay in Hybrid-Engine -fixed

-sometimes trackspeed problem if audio material was used more than once in the same track -fixed

-Record without Playback with activated MTC Output always started at VIP start -fixed

-Software Monitoring (without FX) of Mono VSTi Outputs was 6dB low -fixed

-Monitoring/Solo Volume in Economy Engine only affected playback, not monitoring -fixed

-Routing warning for Economy-Tracks to VSTi removed for inactive VSTi

-sometimes master track was enabled for recording -fixed

-recording with auto-crossfade in front of existing object sometimes moved content of following object -fixed

-exact position of punch marker for „punch on the fly“ in Punch Marker Mode

-faster toggle of record monitoring in Standard Record Mode

Mixer / Effects:

- Spectral Clean:

- Option "Create Copy" and "Advanced Options..." added

- Strg+X, Strg+C, Strg+V does work now (if more than one slices is selected, only the first one is used)

- holding mouse clicked and pressing "ALT": slice is fixed vertically

- holding mouse clicked and pressing "SHIFT": slice is fixed horizontally

-Elastic Audio:

-input dialog for curve points can be closed now with Enter

-mousewheel mapping now identical to VIP (new zoom command there with Ctrl+Alt, useful also for Spectral Cleaning (difference in EA-Documentation, needs reset of MouseWheel configuration with present ini file)

-tools for right and left mouse buttons are remembered

- focus problem with option “Start mode: direct” fixed

- Spectral Clean & Elastic Audio: Zoom-Btn "+" is now working as in arranger

-TS/PS / Elastic Audio

-material dependend shifting for Monophonic Voice algorithm -fixed

-drop outs with Monophonic Voice algorithm -fixed

-some fixes for Universal HQ Stretching

- FFT-Filter, Denoiser, Vocoder:

-remember latest tool (for each effect instance)

-quantized pen is working more exactly

- FFT-Filter:

- "Strength" value now goes down to 1 (before: 5)

- new: "Inverse" selector

-VST "Permanent Options"

-use in case of compatibility problems only

-after changing the settings, project should be reloaded

-" Restrict to 1 CPU only "

-VSTi are rendered on 1 CPU only

-VST-FX all track effects are forced to 1 CPU

-UAD is set to „Restrict to 1 CPU only“ by default

-"No automatic copy"

-default for UAD and Powercore Plugins

-avoids automatic doubling of plugins e.g. during object split

-"Force calculation during Silence Input"

-default for Melodyne

-for Economy Engine / Bouncing

-for Hybrid Engine global Performance Options still apply

-new dialog for Loudness adjustment

-Exchange of VST plugins in master didn’t work since 10.1 -fixed

-Update of Master Slots after insert of plugins was missing -fixed

-display of slot number of VST-FX Plugins

-missing update of plugin dialog after actions slots or VST menu -fixed

-probleme with Drag&Drop and Pre/Post plugins in mixer -fixed

-Crashes with Altiverb –fixed

-adjustment of external FX latency if ASIO buffer size is changed

-loading snapshots does not load link-button-state anymore -> improved consistency with link groups

-Channel offset if latency VST-Plugins were applied destructively with option „Process only left/right stereo channel“ -fixed

-Solo-Safe now also directly after activation of object-AUX (in Hybrid Engine routing of object-AUX to an newly created AUX bus comes to effect upon next playstart)


-after undo wrong mixer background graphics in surround master -fixed

-Surround Link Button was deactivated after several operations (loading of project, undo...) -fixed

-crashes after undo with opened Surround Editor –fixed

-rounding problems when saving *.gss surround presets -fixed

- hybrid bouncing latency problems with several effects ( FFT Filter,..) -fixed

- hybrid bouncing problems with Economy Tracks –fixed

- problems with first playback or bounce buffer and advanced dynamics -fixed

-memory leak while working with mixer snapshots -fixed

-bouncing: MasterFX were ignored if global play device was different from master play device -fixed

-object dynamics in (passive) initial state was not loaded -fixed

-sometimes asymmetrical master volume after undo -fixed

-master volume >+6 dB is shown correctly and editable

-mixer position after maximize and move is remembered correctly

-experimental: short delay before opening a VST Effect-Dialog for the first time in order to avoid compatibility problems ([Factors] DelayVstDialog=0 avoids first opening completely)

-Drag’n’Drop of FX Inserts updates effect settings, if effect already exists


- wrong automation assignment after Drag'n'Drop of VST FX in mixer -fixed

-„Curve Generator“ dialog: option for limitation to range

- name of AUX Busses will be shown in automation menu and in tooltips of automation curves

-VST automation

-improved VST Automation in VST-GUI, if fader is not moved with mouse anymore, old curve will be overwritten correctly

-improved recording of button automation

-update of curve value with Ctrl-Alt, if there are no points set

-problems by writing VSTi automation with fader in Track Editor –fixed

-EQ automation sometimes started during bouncing with wrong value -fixed

-missing latency compensation for VST+EQ automation -fixed

-diplay of wrong EQ frequency automation values in mixer -fixed

-Master automation: fader sometimes didn’t follow automation curve -fixed

-casual automation write dropouts -fixed

-wrong automation curve selection with drawing tool (if „Show unselected curves (selectable)“ was not active) or with Shift-selection of an already selected curve point in another track

-accuracy problems in showing latest automation values in mixer e.g. AUX-curves -fixed


-several fixes for MIDI Recording

-messures agains drawing „mini-ranges“ in MIDI Editor

-problems with cutting MIDI objects if in Tempo Dialog „Keep musical position on tempo changes: - with MIDI objects“ was not activated

MIDI Editor:

-Update of MIDI Controller Editor sometimes incomplete after object change (led to completly black Controller bars) -fixed

-MIDI Controller Editor now always shows current value of mouse position

-MIDI Controller Editor: Menu for Controller-Selection marks Controllers which are present in the object with * after the name

-Right-Click on the "Quantize" Button now opens the dialog "Quantize Settings".

-UNDO of MIDI-Recordings (Overdub/Replace) is possible from MIDI Editor (Strg+Z)

-some additional Arranger-Shortcuts can be used (e.g. Recall Last Position,...)

-selected controller events are now alse moved together with moving activities in the Piano Roll (Matrix) Editor.

-The MIDI Event-List in Drum mode now shows the names of drum instruments instead of simple Note On

-dialog „MIDI Quantize Settings“ sometimes did not open correctly -fixed

-ALT deactivates grid temporarily – now also for drawing new notes

- in Magnifier mode, SHIFT activates vertical zoom, no direct drawing of notes in this mode possible

-Dialog “MIDI Automation” (Str+Alt+A): predefined color of automation curve is kept, even the dialog will be closed

-now MIDI level meter activity also for chased notes

-External FX Setup: The mapping of MIDI devices was not considered for external Synthesizers -fixed

-wrong latency compensation for recording of audio outputs of VSTis -fixed

- Sustain was not reset correctly at stop for VSTi in monitoring -fixed

-improvements and bugfixes for usage of MIDI-Takes

-MIDI Activity LED in Transport Control now also shows MIDI-Thru, MIDI-Editor generated events and SysEx-Output.

-BPM Change: dialog for Audio/MIDI change now remembers previous settings

-sometimes bar display in Object Editor or Take Manager showed wrong value -fixed

-for inserting a Mono VSTi, the routing dialog appeared but had no effect -> no dialog anymore (just as with stereo VSTi)


-MIDI Automation Curves for VST-FX sometimes didn’t work in Hybrid Engine -fixed

-for Solo or Bouncing MIDI track is activated automatically

- in Hybrid Engine, destination audio track does not need to be in monitoring in order to

activate MIDI Thru

-diverse problems with Hybrid bouncing und playback -fixed

- MIDI Drum Mapping now also applies for MIDI-Monitoring (Thru)

-improved SysEx data handling

-problems with loading and editing of MIDI files containing SysEx data -fixed

- MIDI Editor: position editing for SysEx data in the Event List is possible now by double click

- System Common Messages and System Realtime Messages (Statusbyte > F0, as Song Select, Song Position, Tune Request, Start, Continue, Stop), which are created in Event List manuelly are played back correctly now


-Note-Chasing ignored transpose setting -fixed

-MIDI-Metronom: ASIO latency compensation was missing -fixed

- problems with Split and Trim of MIDI-Loop-Objects -fixed

-Crashes during Freeze and “Set inactive” of VSTi -fixed

-diverse MIDI note chasing bugs -fixed

-problems with VSTi monitoring and inactive Master in Hybrid Engine -fixed

- diverse bugfixes for MIDI Punch Recording (e.g. repeated punch in possible now)

- MIDI Overdub Recording with record or punch range: object will be placed now at exact record position

-problems with reading write protected MIDI files in 10.1 -fixed

HW Controller

-new Low-Latency Scrub-Mode for HWC in ASIO Hybrid Engine

-now also 1/16 and 1/32 speed possible

-optimized for JLCooper MCS-3800 (Native)

-positioning accuracy up to 32 samples

-fadertouch is no now separately processed for each control

-diverse crashes with HW Controllers -fixed

-general timing problems with HW Controller (sometimes greater delays) –fixed

-“Learn HW Controller” now also works for controllers, which do not get MIDI feedback

- Tascam US-2400: Fadertouch was not learnt -fixed


-Folder Tracks

-Copy&Paste of folder tracks

- Trackmanager: adding of (F) to track number of Folder Tracks, tracks in folder are shown indended

-Trackmanager: improved moving of several tracks into/out of folder

-Request for deleting of objects of Folder-Reference track is changed

-folder color is not determined by folder level anymore, now always set anew

-wrong track number display in VST plugins and object editor -fixed

-OEBPS Message with correct folder track number and track name

-insert of objects to Master track not possible anymore

-objects included in Master were used for Hybrid Bouncing -fixed

-now also initialisation of added tracks from Template.VIP (PanLaw, FX Order)

-Make CD: warning if CD pause is < 2 s

-Dialog „Track Options“ can be opened from Track Manager

-Ctrl-A in „Collect project files...“

-Editing of width to move objects in Range Toolbar can now be left with Enter or Tab

-CTRL-SPACE now added as shortcut for "Play selected objects"

(please delete old EnableKeyboardExtensions=1 ini setting)

-SPACE with modifiers can be remapped (except in CF Editor in Sequoia)

-new commands (Shortcuts only after reset)

-Recall Last Position: Backspace

-selected "Object(s) one track up/down": Ctrl-Alt-Shift-Cursor Up/Down

-enlarge selektion: "Select to next/ previous object": Ctrl-Alt-Shift Q/W

-further Standard-Shortcuts (only after reset)

-Ctrl-Alt-B/N View Rangestart/Ende

-Ctrl-Alt -Shift Left/Rigth Objekt(s) to left/right

-Pause Stop at Position

-while moving a single object a shortcut for inserting the object can be used (default: V, Insert) which places the object at the current position with following possibilities:

-a short object can be placed over a long object – the long object continues after the short one

-long object can be placed over one or several short objects – if they are covered completely by the long object they will be deleted from the track

-„Paste with ripple“ (Ctrl-Alt-V) to insert object with ripple

-„Paste“ (V) works according to object mode

-„Overwrite“ (Insert) to insert object without ripple

-Play Restart (initiated in stop state):

-starts at last playstop position (Stop at position OFF)

-starts at last playstart position (Stop at position ON)

-additional features for position edit fields:

-Ctrl-A select all

-Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V or Ctrl-Insert for Copy&Paste

-Backspace didn’t work correctly -fixed

-changed behaviour for vertical object selection with SHIFT: now all objects with their center situated in the selection rectangle are selected. Before, the complete object had be be within the selection rectangle (old behaviour can be set with [Factors] ObjectSelectionMethod=-1 )

-after temporary ungroup selection is reset, improved undo

-moving of track markers if arrange objects

-jump to previous/next marker is now related to play position

-left-click in Visualisation window = Reset

-Marker manager: actual filter settings also apply for „Export text“

-Fades /Crossfades:

-Tooltip for fade lenght now always in ms (except for Samples)

-Fade length > 1hr possible

-"Allow Crossfade (to the left)", "Asymmetric Crossfade (to the left)" available in Object Editor and menu even if there’s no active crossfade

-Object editor „Set Global Crossfade“ updates „Default_Crossfade.cfp“ as well, so changes won’t be lost with program restart


-new command to Restore last settings after ini reset. This allows to switch easily between two configurations for testing without copying ini files manually

-Samplitude Master/Standard Version: usage of CodeMeter is remembered after ini reset


-missing window symbols after loading a maximized project - fixed

-object lasso did not work if object automation was active -fixed

-incorrect loading of toolbar setups if program was minimized –fixed

-advanced functions (like Cursor Up/Down, ...) of arranger edit fields (Volume, Pan and Position) didn’t work -fixed

-selection in manager sometimes led to white text on white background -fixed

-problem of scaling of object volume after Wavezoom -fixed

-colored range over crossfades was not shown correctly -fixed

-problems with showing Arrangement Text -fixed

-problem with showing locked object after position12 h -fixed

-wrong bar time display if if object record position was set -fixed

-problems with grid display if project offset with SMPTE formats has been used -fixed

-Copy&Paste of tracks with hidden mixer -fixed

-sometimes problems with Rewire and creation of ranges -fixed

-timestamps were lost during Batch Prozessing -fixed

-button for CD Cover Center was missing in Samplitude Master Version -fixed

-Import of Waves greater 4GB did not work -fixed

- System-Record-Mixer was not opened in Windows Vista -fixed

-Object Editor Max mode could only be set for Audio or MIDI but not for both -fixed

-drawing of Fade Out was missing if following object had no Fade In -fixed

-improved messures to avoid deleting of objects during playback (e.g. undo operations)

-problems at restart after closing program in minimized state -fixed

-diverse problems with command „Delete virtual projects“ -fixed

-Recall last Range sometimes didn’t work for subsequent usage -fixed

-sometimes jumping of symmetrical fades of selected objects while changing fades of other objects -fixed

-missing ripple for object-based cut-command -fixed

-missing adaptation of project lenght after BPM or SR changes -fixed

- Delay/Reverb: missing slot update after bypass -fixed

- Delay/Reverb: diverse problems with rounding -fixed

- diverse rounding problems for time input setting „Sonic distance (meter)“, Track setting „Time shift“ now with two decimal places available

-diverse docking problems with Toolbars -fixed

-after „Arrange objects“ selection was not deleted -fixed

-Ripple if deleting objects did not work with temporary shortcuts ‚k’ or ‚l’ -fixed

-Ripple if cutting objects didn’t work -fixed

- MTC output jumped shortly to play start position after StopAtPosition -fixed

- after „Remove unused samples“ wave header and file size might not have been updated correctly -fixed

- silent playback ouput of origin project in Hybrid-Engine after change to other open project -fixed

- update problems for Economy Mark in Track Editor /Mixer if Mute-Inactive was used -fixed

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