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I need to do some quick voulume curve edit after I bounced some tracks from a session in Samplitude 10. When I get the new window up after bouncing, the tool windows also changes which means the curve handle tools dissapear and the only one I got for volume edit is the draw volume curve. I need to just make a few volume curve points and do some quick volume edits but seams always tricky with this draw volume curve. How can you do some fast edit volume curves when having a new object window open after a bounce?

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after a bounce, it's the destructive wave mode window, so it's normal that tools change. If you want to do some volume change here, you must do it with the pencil and change the waveform in destructive mode, as after the tweak, when you will close the window, Samp will ask you if you want to save.

It's not the same thing in VIP window, where it's non-destructive.

hope this helps,



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But you can also bounce to a new VIP and use the automation as usual...if you also want to edit your points you can hold ctrl and select as many nodes as you like and reposition them...just use the Object Curve Mouse tool.

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