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John Willett

Potential Samplitude purchaser in trouble

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I often recommend Samplitude and Sequoia on various forums.

Someone has taken me up on my recommendation and is trying to download the demo of Samplitude Pro.

However - he seems to be having trouble and has just posted THIS on the Souind On Sound forum.

He says:-

"Every time you recommend samplitude I fully intend to go check out the demo and for whatever reason I dont.

This time I will persevere, John.

Well i did persevere, have registered with them, got my email and logged on and..... no sign of a demo, even on the addons and demos link.

Now where is the scratching head smiley....? "

Please can someone help him?



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I can understand him... the structure of the new site leaves room for improvement.

Here is the link http://www.magix.net/ap/misc_scripts/evers...exe〈=US

I keep my mouth shut how I got there. It's embarrassing.



Thanks Sebastian,

I have copied the url of the page and told him - thanks.

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The process is normally to

download the V10DLV from Sebastian url (it can be found in this page http://www.samplitude.com/en/shop/samplitude_10_dlv.353.html )

Install it (no dongle)

Use it during 1 month max

And then buy on the same page a key to transform the demo in a fully fonctionnal version.

There is no dongle but there is a web registration process to activate the key.


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