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Can't get Kore 2 player recognized

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Trying to break into the whole vsti thing (all through my roland Gr-33 and midi-guitar) and I probably am missing something veeeery basic.

Downloaded the kore 2 player, (Kore 2 application to OS drive, library to audio drive) and it works fine as a standalone, but when I scan the vst folders in samp, it still doesn't show up?


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If the Kore player .dll (or whatever it is) is in your main VST folder, it should see it.

If the VST was installed elsewhere during the installation, then either migrate it or try creating a shortcut copy of it and move the shortcut (alias) to your VST folder.

Rescan VST folder including 'failed' VST's and see what happens.

In Samplitude sometimes VST's show up as a synth plugin, or under one of the other categories. Try loading it from the mixer channel rather than the VIP track.

Otherwise not sure what else to recommend.


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