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hi, i just bought a new computer (3GHz cpu, 1 GB ram). Now the problem is that when i open one of my projects it gives a CPUoverload during playback. Even more than140 %. I tried adjusting my buffer settings, but it didn't work.

I'm working with windows XP and i'm using a Staudio soundcard, DSP2000 C-Port. I never had problems with my old computer (1GHz athlon, 1 G ram, windows 2000). Is there a patch i need to install or something??? please help me. Thanx


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A newer, faster computer should really rock. But very often they come preinstalled with a lot of junk that runs in the background, and drivers that produce unacceptable latencies for playback. It can be most anything, but a trip to the task Manager to see what is running might help, and there is a free program called HiJack This! that will show you what is running that you might not know about. Plus, the DPC Latency Checker will tell you if you have some drivers that cause latency, though you are left to discover which ones those are.

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