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Meter response & behaviours

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probably the smoothest graphics update scheme of the bundled/VST plugins is within Vandal, mainly because it uses an updated drawing library with a better architecture. The older plugins still suffer from 2 things:

1) The meters, knobs and other animations only get updated when the GUI thread is idling. This, of course, depends highly on the current project, and it might get worse with high track count and lots of stuff happening upon playback.

2) The mouse handling is somewhat 'modal'; means tracking the mouse cursor, when you press either button, slows down the rest of the GUI, or freezes it completely for a moment.

In my most recent UI code lib, these 2 design flaws are gone. Likewise, all older plugins which are subject to updates will get improved one after the other within the next months.

However, I can't say much on the Sam standard (dialog-based) plugins. Perhaps Volker or Toni (E.T.) are the ones to address that one to.

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