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Downloadable Samplitud 11PRO

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Dear Samplitude Maniacs,

i lost my DVD with Samplitude 11 Pro. Is there any chance to download it from internet and install it on my computer. I got the Codemeter with me and i need it quite fast? Did You know where can i find a DVD image or somethnig like that with Samplitude 11 PRO?



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Here is the DL for the new serial number version but it will fully function for 30day. It may see your CM dongle and simply keep working with that lic.

--The download link for the Samplitude Professional is: http://dl03.magix.net/samplitude_11pro_en.exe

Hi Tim,

Big thanks - it's all working great even better than i expected. I run in on MacBookPro - the basic configuration one. With windows 7 PRO 64bits thru Parallels Desktop 6 (trial) and it works really great. There where no problem with installation. When installer asked for Key i just select use dongle and i needed to install CodeMeter Runtime extra. And it works and I'm very happy about it:) So once again thank You for Your help!



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