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How to use Izotope Stutter Edit on a virtual instrument track?

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I think it will work on the audio output track of the VSTi if you use hybrid engine.


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Hi there,

i've tried to trigger Stutter Edit in Pro X Suite with an M-Audio Keyboard 49e.

So that was my way:

I have created an audio track with loaded VST Stutter Edit.

Then I've created a Midi channel. Set Input to keyboard. Output to VST Stutter Edit.

It does not work. I can't Trigger the plugin. But midi Comes in. I can see it on the midi led on the Transport console. And it works with another loaded Instrument.

Stutter edit works on the Audio trach when I go into the preset Manager and click on the piano roll with a mouse click.

Does anyone have a solution for this?

How do i have to route this?



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