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George Lea

Subjective Opinions on Applying Reverb

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OK. Here's a chance for EVERYBODY to chime in. I've been playing drums for 45 yrs, and recording other digital audio for 25. Although, I've rubbed elbows, and am respected by VERY accomplished musicians, I don't claim to know even half as much as the reams of volumes that others have already forgotten. I've never had one formally taught course, or lesson. All I know is that other extremely capable, and experienced musicians that have heard my work, and mixes has always complimented my work. As far as reverb, some of them say "Well, I might not put quite as much reverb, but I don't think your mix is "WRONG", or distasteful, or illustrates a particular incompetence, or ignorance about how to apply reverb. SOO, having said that, is there any consensus, or general rule that I'm not aware of for applying reverb, other than your EAR? PLEEZE bleed all over this.

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If the first or even second thing you notice about a mix is the reverb, most likely it's too much reverb. I also often hear reverb which is too big (long) for the mix. I also don't like hearing a lot of low end or low mids in the reverb, especially in dense or upbeat music. When I am working with my interns I always get them to finish everything else in a mix first, and only then add verb to what you need, if anything at all.

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