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Update for MAGIX VST Plug-ins on 26.04.2013

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Dear customers,

on this Friday, April 26, the latest versions of our plug-ins will be available online. The download link, however, will not change, so you can download the version at any time. With this update we addressed various issues, for example a crash in certain DAWs while saving the project. Furthermore, the VariVerb II has received a new logo, as requested by many users.

Please note:

We have heard about activation problems with our plug-ins within the last weeks more often. Despite extensive tests in various hosts we had a hard time reproducing this issue and we hope, that this update will solve the problem.

In case of any activation problems on your system, please contact us at https://www.magix.com/ap/mandants/servicecenter/index.php?m=samplitude〈=uk&module=contact and specify the used system (Windows or Mac, which version of the OS), the used host and a detailed description of the problem.

Besides that please note that it is possible to activate the plug-ins in another sequencer - they will be activated for the whole system then.

We are looking forward to your feedback!

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