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Can someone explain the difference between a VIP Buffer and an ASIO bu

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For understanding the influence if these two buffers it might help 1. to activate "Show project tooltips" and "show extended poject tooltips" (system options / progam / general) 2. to activate ASIO and 3. to move the slider on the first page of the system options: A overview is displayed. (The manual also contains this view, as well as further explanations on the buffers)

In Hybrid engine mode the VIP buffer is only important for object FX processing. So if you feel your object FXs drive your system too hard (CPU consumption too high) you might try to raise the VIP buffer size in order to solve your problem. If you feel your mixer FX drive your system too hard you might try to raise the ASIO buffer size (ASIO driver settings). The latter will result in higher latency.

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