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Revolta 2 Revitalized -- WHEN?

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To reiterate my OT comment from the other thread, Revolta 2 is in my opinion a truly excellent synth. It sounds great, the UI is easy to grasp and it still looks very good today having remained unchanged for years now. I've heard Sascha deserves credit for this excellent VST. Bravo!

It's simply a shame that this great instrument has languished for this long without any updates. Did somebody lose the recipe (or the source!)? If not, PLEASE assign somebody to bring this thing up to date. PLEASE!

Don't get me wrong, all the Vita stuff is nice, but DNe1 like it's siblings appears to be basically customized rompler with nowhere near the flexibility of Revolta. There doesn't appear to be a real synth anywhere else in the Pro X 3 Suite. Correct me if I'm wrong.

Does anybody else feel this way?

Chime in if, like me, you would also like to see Revolta 2 updated to modern specs so it can live comfortably in the 64 bit environment of Pro X. Just a 64 bit rebuild and a few bug fixes would be all I would need.

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I think this was coded by @Sascha who obviously no longer works for MAGIX so it's unlikely it will be updated. There are so many third-party synths available I would prefer MAGIX to concentrate on the core functions of Samplitude.

 Regards, Kraznet

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