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Independence VSTi hosting

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For a number of years I had been able to copy a few VSTI DLL  to use with in Independence. I had an issue and needed to re-register Independence on a new daw. I though my issue might be that the VST PLug-ins folder used by Inde may have not appropriately point to the right place - but it seems it is pointing to the correct directory. Can anyone confirm that hosting with in Independence is working correctly? Also my older system was a Win XP system and my new one is Win7 64. Any thought to the idea that I may be having a problem because I'm in a 64 bit environment? Not sure if my VAST'is are 64 bit.

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Hi rbhan!

Yes I can confirm that it works on Win7 64.

What version of Independence are you running?

Independence has no vst-bridge so Independence64-bit can only run 64-bit plugins & Independence32-bit can only run 32-bit plugins.

Beacuse both 32 & 64 versions share the same vst-folder you need to make sure that you only have 64-bit plugins in that folder if you running the 64-bit Independence and vice versa.

Another way to run VSTi's in Independence is instead of putting the VST-files in the Independence VST-folder is to make a shortcut the folder where you keep your 32-bit or 64-bit plugins and put that shortcut in the Independence VST-folder, Independence will scan that linked folder and if you would like to use the other version you just change the link.

Regards Thomas


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