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More and more DAWs lose 32-bit plugin support

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First Logic, now Cubase... it seems more and more DAWs are actively removing support for 32 bit plugins. This seems fantastically odd to me, considering how the vast majority of my current plugin selection consists of 32 bit VST plugins. Many of them are abandonware, and there will never be a 64-bit version.

In fact, I think Samplitude could out-compete the other DAWs in this regard simply by doing nothing. (Thus keeping 32-bit VST support.)

It's a silly world!  :D

PS: Of course, I really hope Samplitude won't follow this frustrating trend.

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So far, no problem. Inside Samplitude one can still use the embedded VSTbridge, wich runs as an executable (exe file) outside of Samplitude's engine.
There are other 32 bit VST wrappers around and it's best if you keep some of those around to use in the future.

I still use Sony's CD Architect (now Magix) wich is DirectX only so i have to "wrap" my favourite VSTs to use inside CDA. I use the "old" Cakewalk tool "VST adapter" for that.
Hopefully, tools like these will be available for a long time. As a side note, i've just recently found the perfect editor for my 32 year old Yamaha TX816 synth. A 64bit VSTi/editor! Far clever and the least convoluted DX editor since Atari's DX Droid! :lol:
So, sometimes it pays to wait for a looooong time.

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Keeping a VST wrapper around for the upcoming 32-bit apocalypse is actually really good advice.

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