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Used up Activation code

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I purchased a SSD and migrated Win 10 to it, then installed ProX3 Suite etc.

Twice now after a Win 10 update have lost the OS and cannot recover either by system restore or backup image.

I am beginning to suspect the refurbished SSD.

The only solution has been to re migrate the HDD Win 10  to the SSD and reinstall Samplitude etc. I see now I should of installed it on the HDD but so slow.

Now I am told am out of registrations and cannot see a way of deactivating the older registrations.(I didnt think of this)

This is all on the same PC and the same SSD.

Is there a  way to deactivate registrations?  Say I had 2 machines and retired one for a newer machine?

What is the recommended method of preserving registrations if reinstalling OS on existing computer?



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Contact ProService via email to open a support ticket, explain the situation. They'll give you more activations. There are many, many topics about this on the actual Samplitude Software topics forum.

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