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Patrick Zündel

Sound Forge Pro 12 Suite: No presets for Ozone 8 Elements?

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Hey guys!


I've a question for the new Sound Forge Pro 12 Suite that I bought two weeks ago. I installed everything and I registered everything, even the IZotope OZone 8 elements and the RX plugin. Now my question: when I load the OZone 8 Elements plugin, is it normal that there are no presets that I can use? There are already the presets of the Mastering and Repair Suite from Version Pro 11, but I can't find any preset for the OZone 8 plugin. Did I make a mistake when I installed the whole program or aren't there any presets?




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Admitted, I haven't tried Ozone.

But it's obviously made for mastering, and I don't think (or hope) that any mastering technician out there is relying on presets. Mastering is a tedious process that should be based on how the delivered material is, as well as what kind of final media (mp3/LP/cd/whatever) is the target. It could very well be a deliberate choice to make a point. ;)

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