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Making a Red Book CD image file

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Hello folks

I have an album that I want to send to a manufacturer. I've put everything together including start, pause and end IDs. All tracks are named, etc. What I want to do is create a file that carries all this information with the audio so I can upload the whole thing to the manufacturer. Not sure how to do this though.

I've clicked on 'Make CD', and 'Generate a complete new file for the whole CD'. Now I see I have two files on the computer; a wav file and a cue file. I suppose I can send the manufacturer both files (assuming that they can read the cue file), but it would be better, I think, if I could create a DDP that would contain everything in a format that they're sure to be able to use.

Any advice?

Samplitude Pro X. Version

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As far I remember, DDP is a feature from Sequoia that was introduced to Samplitude in version Pro X3.

I think you'll need another tool to do DDP. Take a look on Google for free DDP makers, it's possible you'll find something good enough.

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WAV and CUE files contain all the information the manufacturing plant requires. DPP files are more commonly used as they have checksum provision.  DDP can be made by ProX3 Suite, but I have also used the free program DDPTOOLS with ease and success. It is a command line program.


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