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Johnny Blade

VST Plugin - "Reverb Remover" (?)

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Hi all.

Please, does anyone know of any specific mastering plugin that can remove the ambience of a stereo wave file ("reverb remover", for example)?

Thanks in advance!

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Mind you, i'm not saying they work! ^_^

Just sayin' they're the options i've seen, tested a few, used some.
Izotope's is quite effective but you can expect some "changes" in the processed sound. I don't mean degradation but that might be it.

Remember that reverberation exists during the sound and not only after the event so, the reverb underneath events remains untouched.

Anyway, Izotope's was the best for me but i never used it much.

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OK, I understand your point!

I have achieved very satisfactory results through an attenuation of the LEVEL fader of the SUSTAIN parameter integrated in the excellent AM-Pulse. However, this method does not cover situations that require more critical repairs.


I will try out your suggestions, they are certainly a great starting point.  ;)

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