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now getting clicks and pops with multiple vst synths

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Hi there, 

Great to see Samplitude surging forward with pro 4.

I have a problem. Been using Samplitude for quite a few years. I use Sonar too. 

When using vst synths such as Eastwest Play 64 I get random clicks and pops in Samplitude pro 3 and now in Pro 4. I do not get these pops and clicks in Sonar.

I can open 10 instances of Play vst synth in Sonar and I get no pops etc. I open one instance in Samplitude and I get them.

Tried using different interfaces, Line 6 firehawk, focusrite scarlett 2i2. tried changing buffers etc. no change.

Now there have been big changes in Sonar so I am migrating to Samplitude for good but I need to get rid of these pops clicks etc.

The fact that all is well in Sonar makes me think that it is not my system, hardware etc. But something I am missing from within Samplitude. A setting maybe. 

could it be a windows 10 update? the 8300 quad processor and 8GB ram are not overly exerted nor is the read/write to disc showing as excessive.

Anyways, well pleased with Samplitude. Particularly love the mixer. 

keep up the good work, 




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