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Hy Dear Forum,

i have a little question, does anyone have a Behringer Monitor2USB monitor controller ? I am interested in removing my 19" Interface from my desk and put a little bit smaller way to control the loudness of my speakers on my desk (and even tho, the monitor controller does have 2 headphone amplifiers and a much much bigger knob).

I would like to know if you are satisfied with this device and additional if you have this thing if it will run under linux ? I really would like to seperate my DAW production system on windows from my working system on Linux, as I am having a home studio. Most applications I need for work and daily use are available on Linux but Samplitude not and also the driver of my external soundcard does not work on Linux. But I would like to use my monitor speakers on Linux too.

kind regards,


Behringer Monitor2USB doesn't seem to be on the alsa compatible list, but I often heard behringer devices should be class compliant. I also could use my onboard soundcard, but i did not find a small monitor controller with cinch and XLR/jack input which does have headphone amplifiers as well.

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I recommend you ask your favorite music equipment supplier (presumably the one you would buy it from) to find out about the Linux compatibility for you, as if it then does not work they will have to take it back.


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If anyone is interested. I have bought a Mackie Big Knob Studio. It works out of the box in Linux and it is a really fine device :) . Now I do search via the Internet for informations about how to prepare windows for DAW use and then I make a fresh install for samplitude exclusive. 

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