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I was surprised to see Magix Music Maker bundled with Samplitude Pro. Is this just the free version? If so, is there any real mileage in upgrading to a paid version?




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It's the free version.

Only if you want to get and use Soundpool Loops.

I started with MusicMaker and got Samplitude Music Studio bundled with it a long time ago, so I have almost all instruments and a ton of Soundpool Loops. Then I upgraded to Samplitude Pro X3 Suite.

I still use MMM as I find it quicker and simpler for just putting together some loops for my videos, and even narration. Anything more complicated and I use Samplitude.

To be up to speed with MMM, you would need to purchase the Premium version which unlocks most features and gives you credits for instruments, presets, features and Soundpool Loops that you can use. Instruments purchased with MMM do not work with Samplitude.

Independence SAL does work with MMM.

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