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Which files preserve timecode??

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I downloaded the demo but it does me oh, about 5% good...

.wav is the only I can edit in on the demo. Will it perserve timecode from FCP files (.aiff) or should I just go out and get ProTools?


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Guest Fifthcircle

AIFF does not carry time stamp subcode information. Even in Pro Tools, you'll have to specify a place for those files to go.

The .wav files that Samplitude and Sequoia uses are in fact broadcast wave files (just like in PT) and they carry a time stamp that is embedded. The SD2 file can have a time stamp, but only if the mac-only resource fork is there (hence the reason why Digi went .bwf for their files in newer versions).

Now, to import files with a time stamp, in the open wav dialog box, you'll find an options button. In the options is a selection to open files to timestamped position. If the timestamp is there, it will go right to position. I'll also add that you can do this with numerous files unlike in Pro Tools where you have to go to the spot mode and place the files one at a time.


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