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  2. Hi everyone, I'd like to introduce you to a few of the female-fronted songs I have composed, arranged and/or produced over the years. During 2019, all of them were released under a project name on SoundCloud. While the 2013 demo was mixed using Samplitude Pro X, the other three songs (or excerpts) were restored using Samplitude tools and (mostly) UAD plug-ins. The 1996 song entry for a stage musical contest was originally produced using Cubase Atari on an Atari Falcon (!) plus an analogue mixing desk. Well, back then, the audio recording and production possibilities for home producers were light years away from what they are now. Hope you enjoy listening to the tracks as much as I do.
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  4. Droqles

    Exporting - drums aren't exported

    Hi Tonminister I initially recorded it with my drumkit - Roland TD1, but deleted it and rewrote it in the midi drum editor. I haven't downloaded any plugins not use VST's on anything but the keys (but they work) Droqles
  5. tonminister

    Exporting - drums aren't exported

    Hi Droqles, which instrument is doing the drum sounds? A VST or magix plugin? Cheers Christian
  6. Hi, I'm using "Samplitude Pro X2 Silver (64-Bit)" and when I try to export my song I get all sound except for the Midi drums that I have made. I tried a lot of options, but I really can't seem to get it to work. And the keys midi I used gets exported just fine. Please help, Best regards Droqles
  7. TerryBritton

    Can't hear audio

    Check in the System Settings what your default playback device is set to. This turned into a "gotcha" for me a few weeks ago when I'd set it up to default to "Phones" and had forgotten I had done so! When that is pointing to the wrong place, you need to manually change each track to point to an audible output. What most do is create a "Master" track (or in my case, a "Pre-Master" track where my plugins reside before the master track) and make sure that one sends to an audible output, and then bus everything to that track. Terry
  8. bsolomon3000@yahoo.com

    Can't hear audio

    I'm brand new to Samplitude. I'm on Windows 10 and using a Behringer UMC22 interface. I've tried using the Magix Low Latency 2016 driver and the Asio4All v2 driver and get the same result. I see the meters moving but don't hear the output. When I play a supplied project with the ASIO drive I only hear some of the tracks. I can hear all the tracks with the Magix driver. When I create a new project I can't hear anything with either driver. Thanks for the help Bob
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  10. Johnny Blade

    Ozone 9 & Samplitude

    However, Samplitude still takes a long time to open projects loaded with Ozone 9 plugins. In that respect, Ozone 8 and 7 are perfect. iZotope needs to fix this problem. I see many users of other DAWS complaining a lot about this in various specialized forums. I can't get news about whether or not the company is moving about it, but judging by the complaints, I hope so. Ozone 9, when it works as expected, represents an exciting upgrade.
  11. Johnny Blade

    Ozone 9 & Samplitude

    Ozone 9 takes a long time to be inserted into a plugin chain, but once inserted it opens as smooth as Ozone 8. After some testing, I noticed that there were noticeable improvements in DSP algorithms. For example, the Maximizer IRC IV (Modern mode) now delivers warmer, smoother sound with noticeable detail. Vintage Limiter (Tube mode) features a more "inflated" saturation, which produces a much more "full" sound. As I compare the plugins against the similar ones of Ozone 8 I have the impression that it is a totally new program, and this is very good and interesting!
  12. Are you using version 3.5 or 3.6? I had that problem with 3.6. It tells you at the bottom of the preferences tab what version it is. Terry
  13. Thanks for the info Terry. I have yet to be able to use independence pro in finale. It works fine as standalone but I'm still getting the files not found message in finale.
  14. alinnicky

    Artificial Intellegence

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  15. tonuli

    Ozone 9 & Samplitude

    Anybody here using Ozone 9 with restricted user rights? We permanently get error message on program start: "Resource files missing".
  16. tonuli

    solved - Focal Alpha nearfield monitors

    So what is your experience...?
  17. hi! i have music what i've recorded inddor(choir music). The sound is slightly flat, (not clear). how can i make the choir,singing sound better? slightly
  18. jonel

    Magix Music Maker

    Thank you
  19. browj2

    Magix Music Maker

    @jonel It's the free version. Only if you want to get and use Soundpool Loops. I started with MusicMaker and got Samplitude Music Studio bundled with it a long time ago, so I have almost all instruments and a ton of Soundpool Loops. Then I upgraded to Samplitude Pro X3 Suite. I still use MMM as I find it quicker and simpler for just putting together some loops for my videos, and even narration. Anything more complicated and I use Samplitude. To be up to speed with MMM, you would need to purchase the Premium version which unlocks most features and gives you credits for instruments, presets, features and Soundpool Loops that you can use. Instruments purchased with MMM do not work with Samplitude. Independence SAL does work with MMM.
  20. I was surprised to see Magix Music Maker bundled with Samplitude Pro. Is this just the free version? If so, is there any real mileage in upgrading to a paid version? Thanks
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