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  2. I did the same as above, ran as administrator etc but didn't need to delete the downloaded installation file. I guess the new download overwrote it. In my case Independence did not appear at all in the new plug-in browser, even though it had correctly installed where it should, but the above process resolved it. The object synthesizers however remain resolutely absent after several attempts of the above...
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  4. byxx

    Are sales usually in September?

    yep, lets stop in this thread topic wise. THX!!
  5. byxx

    Are sales usually in September?

    Cool idea and beautiful collage, indeed. how to sync machines, running different software? Audio Streaming with AVB, whole thing just needs synchronisation via a clock, not sure if AVB carries a clock signal. 1 Ethernet cable, bupp. getting best out of fav´d DAWs
  6. OK. I found in the Tutorial pdf that there is an additional message in blue/green that I didnt see that says "activate program offline". It sounds like a pretty tedious process; but I will do this.

    Sorry to have bothered you!

    Best wishes,


  7. tdor

    Are sales usually in September?

    Samplitude X5 This would be tremendously helpful: The option to compare and edit midi notes parallel. The current midi editor is a pain in the brain for composition and orchestration. At least we got a score editor.
  8. Equalizer

    Are sales usually in September?

    Ah yes - Digix Performitude, Stubase Livewig edition, please! (I also used to use Cakewalk when it was Twelve Tone back then... along with SAW Studio...)
  9. tdor

    Are sales usually in September?

    I worked in Cakewalk, early version, like 20 years ago, then moved through Pro-Tools, Logic, Ardour, Digital Performer (my favorite for years) and a year ago I started using Samplitude. I am a bit torn between Digital Performer and Samplitude, both are great, very different workflows. I'd like to have Digix Performitude
  10. byxx

    Are sales usually in September?

    yep, the wisdom lies in the accceptance of restrictions in any DAW, but I personally would loose some old demons in retrospect, I guess. My approach is the overall audio structure in Seq/Samp to consider it, checking and approving the MIDI department a bit. Of course, some hop for inspiration is great, not losing the overall thread of getting it done quick and finally. At least I think more native engine days, they are acoming.
  11. Equalizer

    Are sales usually in September?

    I think software hopping is still useful for certain roles though. I recently did another hop around to Live 10 and it's re-invigorated me for composition! Then in Studio One, being able to click-drag on the sections in the arranger track and just duplicate/re-arrange with no fear of messing up automation and other time linear stuff, still seems unique to me. (and chord track - both of those seem easier to use than in Cubase) I haven't spent time yet in Samplitude, but I know the object effects can be very useful creatively. Maybe sometimes I throw a delay on a whole track and am too lazy to automate it - this way of working would reinforce being selective with such effects over the timeline. I do agree overall though, it is more efficient to just work with one thing if possible. I think it's harder these days since any exposure to the Internet makes it all too easy to see what you might be "missing" from other software packages! Unlike the old days when you spent $500+ for a paper box and of course would believe in what you bought.
  12. byxx

    Samplitude Schulung im Rheingebiet

    bitte auch einen composer workshop mit MIDI Schwerpunkt checken. Orchestration mit Sequoia würde einen breiten Weg von der kreativen Komposition bis zum finalen Mix in einer DAW zeigen. Viele DAWs sind hier nicht vollständig. Besonders MIDI Controller sind essentiell bei Orchester Libraries wie VSL etc. Entscheidend sind dann schnelle Workflows (z.B. Sichtbarkeit von Spuren mit Objekten in einem Bereich usw) Wäre interessant
  13. byxx

    Are sales usually in September?

    I know. came a long way. The forum has something to it as well here.
  14. tdor

    Are sales usually in September?

    Software hopping is a waste of time, try some demos, decide, study the manual, functions, and master to use it. Working with X3
  15. Been a while to see it, but still valid and actual information. Great, Kraznet! Feeling honored with this special personal edition tut. THX so much!!
  16. byxx

    Midi Issue

    can you show a screenshot?
  17. byxx


    Seems you activated the pan-automation. in the track header click the "pan" field. You should see a green automation curve. Or: use the Automation menu to make curves visible. if you hold CTRL+ALT you can write automation even in the playback state. Maybe you wrote automation unintendedly.
  18. byxx

    Are sales usually in September?

    Yep, overall software hopping has to stop for a complete project realisation. The audio features of seqoia/Samplitude combined with a state of art MIDI department would be a game changer regarding the audio capabilities in other DAWs IMHO.
  19. syncing with a clock is a good advice. The other thing is the audio streaming and splitting. Thought about Dante or AVB networking and a gigabit converter? have a look to cisco company for that. audio networking is a special field, though, which needs good advice for making wise investments. Dante is common at the moment causing some liscensing costs, AVB is a norm which does not cause further costs with liscensing, but is not too wide spread in the audio community. Once you managed the conversion of a audio stream on your internal networking system, things become pretty easy connecting wise. You need a audio interface for that, which supports a networking norm. Usually you do it from there with Ethernet connections. I figure it out myself at the moment for slaving additional machines. so far my experience. I tend to walk the AVB route.
  20. byxx

    SampX4-Melodyne object-level

    okay, Werner, melodyne ist da auch sehr fein bei den einzelnen blops volume anzupassen, ganz klar. ich denke, dass es nicht unbedingt ratsam ist, melodyne mit ARA2 die ganze zeit im Projekt offen zu lassen und eher in neuen revolvertracks die edits zu bouncen. Es ist vermutlich auch nicht ganz falsch das tuning auszulagern und mit melodyne studio in einem tuning arrangement komplett abzuarbeiten. Der reimport der melodyneten audio-spuren kann man hier und da dann im, Sequoia nachtunen, wenn es sein muss... Auch sammeln der ARA2 files entfällt dann, was vermutlich zu Lasten der performance geht. Danke LG Tim
  21. byxx

    Sequoia -MIDI - CC Overdub

    tdor! Coming back to your idea of parallel midi tracks that point to the SAME instrument to edit midi object curves. Try to get my head around it. Somehow it seems to be possible to edit the midi controller data only? Have to think about it. Great ideas ... THX bets regards bx
  22. Yep, lets see what they say first before further investment, I would say. Sometimes its a combination of settings. Tape saturation is third party standard elsewhere, of course. Staying inside the house inventory isnt so bad in Samp, though. ;-) Home sweet home approach
  23. Hi Phil, I bought Samplitude because of its reputation and excellent bundled plugins. Will contact tech support. Magix sells these plugins separately. I liked that plugin, too. Is there any decent free plugin that does can replace it? Merci, Thomas
  24. AmTrack is not working fine since X3 (I think), I don't use it at all now, I found VIPs corrupted because using AmTrack. Unload it and VIP worked fine... Sad, it was a good plugin Phil
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