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  2. Dear Community, after some time on this... My first step now would be to get the audio of sib into the rewire channel strip in samp, which rewire would do automatically as far as I can see, but does not ...here. Maybe there are settings to support this in the audio settings, but tried all so far: software monitoring, hardware monitoring etc...no success. THX for help!! BX My external rewire software: AVID sibelius 7.1.3 Sibelius 2019
  3. werner

    SampX4-Melodyne object-level

    Das ist wohl eher ein feature request und meines Wissens nach nicht möglich, die Amplitude muss in Melodyne geändert werden. Ich lasse die bearbeitete Spur immer so wie sie ist und exportiere in neuen track.
  4. Last week
  5. Dear Community, I work on a MIDI/Audio project with some VSTs. the transport windows information regarding the current beats is not in sync to the timeline. Its a beat too late. Also the Melodyne editor (ARA) in Samplitude is not in sync, too, which would be desireable to get a visual clue of the right spots of the waveform, when tuning. How to achieve proper sync for those issues (manually)? Where to check some boxes and such ;-))?? THX!! BX
  6. DEar Community, when working with Melodyne and leaving a clip in the ARA Melodyne Mode, the objects volume cannot be changed. As you can see in the attachment you can see a level change but it is not audible. I would like to keep a flexible workflow and dont want to freeze the melodyned tracks yet. Is there a way to get normal audio handling with ARA/melodyne active in a clip? THX
  7. Guest


    Track one is recorded on track two with my new instrument. How do I stop that?
  8. Torkemada

    Behringer Monitor2USB

    Update, If anyone is interested. I have bought a Mackie Big Knob Studio. It works out of the box in Linux and it is a really fine device . Now I do search via the Internet for informations about how to prepare windows for DAW use and then I make a fresh install for samplitude exclusive.
  9. Thanks for you reply resolectric. Yeah, that's what i thought about the focusrite, just wondered if if was possible to sync over MIDI or USB?
  10. Unfortunately it seems the Focusrite 2i2 doesn't allow for Clock sync, either as a Master or a Slave. It would be highly advisable to have both interfaces synced to the same clock, otherwise your recordings will be out of sync with each other.
  11. Hi, First post from me. I've been using Samplitude for a number of years now, and would like to thank Kraznet on his great tutorials on a fantastic piece of software. What I'm trying to work out is, how to record on two separate computers simultaneously. My scenario is, I have one tower PC over at the bands rehearsal room running ProX3 with a Delta 1010lt sound card with 8 audio inputs, I've also got a laptop running ProX3 which I use with a Focusrite scarlett 2i2. What I'm trying to achieve is to record drums on the 8 tracks of the Delta AND record two guide guitar tracks on the laptop at the same time. Then I would like to export the two tracks from the laptop into the samplitude session on the tower PC and hope it syncs up in time. Is there a way of doing this? as I don't really want to buy another audio interface with more inputs. Cheers Cass.
  12. Equalizer

    Are sales usually in September?

    Yes, indeed! Sometimes these various forums keep me sane to a degree! For Samplitude, they don't do it every year - but for products like Sound Forge and Vegas (and now Acid), they do, or it sure seems like they do... Vegas was a new version last fall, and now already they are making a sale for upcoming new version 17. It's like when companies like Corel have the year number as part of the name - "Painter 2016/2017/2018/etc". I guess it's good Samplitude has not been put on this forced schedule yet (although it appears the major updates are still forced even if not every year, from the bugs you mentioned!) Your feedback is very useful though, because actually, yes, I will be only doing one track at a time, or mixing. So the big bad bug is only for multi-track recording? That's good to know! Makes me happier I decided to upgrade now after all. For some reason I am really looking forward to doing some creative editing and mixing with the object-based effects. Even though Cubase has similar with Direct Offline Process (non-destructive, although it's not realtime, has to render the effects first), it does seem very nice and smooth. The other thing which for some reason really grabbed me was that drawing automation directly on the tracks, not even in the lanes, just felt very smooth... like something I would like to do more often. Whereas drawing in other DAWs usually yields too many data points, etc. Funny thing is I decided to try the demo of DP10 to see how it looked, as I haven't touched it since DP 5 or 6 (I was on Mac then, PC now)... it's still the same... grandiose in features, but very hard to look at! ESPECIALLY on PC - kudos to them for porting it and all, but it feels like a ported application... Dragging dividers to resize areas, the content area flickers horribly, interface text is so small to read. (yeah you can resize, but everything gets bigger or smaller, so to get the text legible, your other areas are similar as if you are at 800x600 resolution!) I know it has some very powerful features like pre-rendering/freezing tracks all the time in the background, and can manage multiple-hour projects which is why film people like it, but eck - Cubase, and ESPECIALLY Samplitude, just feel like you're on the bare metal of the computer, as it were, instead of fly-by-wire/remote!
  13. resolectric

    Are sales usually in September?

    No, Magix is a serious company with lots of history. They won't release a new version every year. Still, regarding version stability, X3 is you best bet for the moment but mainly because some of the bugs in X4 are a "no-go" for multitrack recording. If you're composing in "one pass" or Mixing, X4 is the way to go. If you buy X3 and then compare with the new features in X4, you'll want X4 too. Maybe wait for the version update in X4 and see if the major bugs are solved. It's now on and that is the "faulty" version, sync wise. No need to thank, it's always nice to engage in pleasant conversation on the web. Reminds me of "Ham" radio!
  14. Equalizer

    Are sales usually in September?

    It is disappointing to hear that X4 has a latency compensation issue! I just upgraded to X4 actually... I don't think it's a real sale, but I see my confusion - last time, I don't think it showed the red text "until July 14th", but this time it did (and it did the first time I looked at the upgrade) - but the price is still $149. (instead of $599? surely an UPGRADE never costs $599, literally the same price as a new license?! ) After some research, I realized that X3 was current for more than a year when it was the latest, so maybe/hopefully Samplitude is not on the same ridiculous "NEW version every year no matter what" schedule that most other Magix products are on. (including Acid Pro 8, now 9 - shame on me for not seeing THAT one coming... only bought it for fun, was sure it would be a few years before they dared to charge another major version, but nope, not even one year after... and no grace period even though I bought it just 3 months before version 9) So I am right with you, I surely hope there is no X5 on the horizon. Ah well. I guess now I can still download X3 if I wanted... but I guess I'll put up with bugs of X4 as I try using it for some real projects. Thanks again for your feedback and camaraderie in these "trying" times.
  15. resolectric

    Are sales usually in September?

    Exactly why i said: " X5? Let's hope not! " X4 was released before all the bugs in X3 were fixed. X4 appeared with some new features and a whole new set of bugs. And now, as usual, people start "calling" for a new version (X5) expecting it to be the "fix-all" of all versions. It won't. X5 will come out before all X4 bugs are fixed. That's the way it has been and the way it will be. Even so, it's still too soon to release X5 but it's about time for the "latency compensation" issue to be fixed in X4.
  16. Equalizer

    Are sales usually in September?

    Interesting feedback, thanks! By the way I think you misinterpreted my wisecrack... I know major versions are paid (and for most Magix stuff, costs almost the same as a new version, hehe), my point was, the major versions are really what one would expect for the pricing of the major version upgrades, to be small stepping stone minor upgrades... like Live 10.1 just came out - Magix would release that as Live 11.0 and charge $299 isntead of it being a free point upgrade! Well, I guess I will have to get the X3 installer sometime and try that. Shame they can't make it good enough that it should be obvious I would want to upgrade right away to X4! Thanks for your other insights. (not needing Birdline to keep me from going blind, etc. )
  17. resolectric

    Are sales usually in September?

    No. Major versions are paid. Bug fixes are free and sometimes represent a major change or an important feature. Sorry. Can't confirm. X3 is stable in every system (it appears) although it's not bug free. Some are programming bugs, others are system related or operator induced. Even so, it's a pretty stable version of Samplitude. It did change several important details, it added a few interesting features (some have disturbed a few users who prefer not to see any changes, ever) but in all, if it were bug free, i'd opt for X4 instead of X3. Most new features are improvements. Problem is it doesn't apply Latency Compensation so you can't do overdubs (for the time being) No.
  18. Equalizer

    Are sales usually in September?

    H, well, judging from Acid Pro 8 vs 9, that is par for the course, is it not? (major versions are like minor point releases on other software) I guess I was imagining that I saw a sale then? Do you think it's better to just play with X3 until X5 comes out? X4 really didn't change much, right? Only thing is, when I demo'ed X4, the GUI looked ok. Doesn't one need to buy Birdline for X3 to make it looks good? Seller didn't mention Birdline pack so I am not sure what happened, even though it was always included in X3 suite, wasn't it...
  19. resolectric

    Are sales usually in September?

    X5? Let's hope not! X3 wasn't finished when X4 was released and X4 doesn't work properly so let's hope they fix either of these before selling us something new.
  20. Hi! I just got into Pro X3 Suite via a re-sale. I was so sure I saw the upgrade to X4 Suite was on sale for $119 or something like that until July 12th or 18th? But now it says $149. Am I imagining there was a lower price just a couple of days ago? Also, X4 came out last fall, right - so I am guessing, X5 will be out in 4 months or so? So maybe it's better to wait for that to upgrade (or at least the pre-release sale on X4 upgrade, including X5, like Magix usually likes to do?). Hopefully I can still use X3 in the meantime, unless the installers are no longer available.
  21. Equalizer

    NVMe vs SSD vs stability/LABs

    Unless you're doing crazy track count recording at high sample rates, regular SSD (SATA connection) is plenty, i think. But overall, it's always good to put your OS and apps and temp files on the fastest SSD. If you're really sensitive to drive speed (high track count), use your fast drive for active projects, then put them over to your slower SSD or even discs for long term storage.
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  23. byxx

    Full bar grid

    Dear Community, I cant choose full bars in the grid settings, only beats. What is my error here? THX BX
  24. Danny D

    Drag and Drop

    Hey Christian thanks for the reply; i wanted to be able to set the vsti up once( set the reverb, delay etc.) then drag it to another channel and keep the new settings.
  25. tonminister

    Drag and Drop

    Hi Danny, this only works for effects, not for instruments. What are you trying to acheive? Cheers Christian
  26. Danny D

    Drag and Drop

    Hello All I have a problem that I hope someone can help me with; I can't drag and drop any vsti from one channel to another. I know this sounds simple and it's taken me a while to find the guts to post the problem. I know I should be able to just click on the plugin and drag it the next track, but when I do so I get the little hand (as I should) but nothing happens it like the vsti is locked on the channels. Any thoughts thanks for your time
  27. I am used to mixing in Studio One. The mixer’s plugin window automatically changes, if open, when selecting a track with one window. I can then select each effect via tabs so only one window shows. How can I do this in Samplitude (4 X suite) as opposed to a window for each effect in a track? The audio engine is better (at least to me) to make it worth switching over for certain projects. Thanks
  28. Johnny Blade

    Windows 10 WDM and MME support broken?

    Samp Pro X4 + Windows 10 build 1903 (x6) here. I use WDM with AudioQuest DragonFly in my Notebook. I've never experienced any problem.
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