How can I delete television logos from my recordings?


If you want to delete TV station logos from your recordings, you need to have the Logoaway plug-in installed. If you already have this plug-in installed, then skip to the "Using Logoaway" section


Install Logoaway

1. Click on Help in your Magix Program and go to "Download video effects plug-ins".


2. Download the plug-in content pack.


3. Close Movie Edit Pro and install the content pack, by double click on it, once it has finished downloading.


4. Restart your software.


Using Logoaway


After you have downloaded and installed this effect you can find it in the Mediapool under Effects - Additional Effects - Plug-ins. To use it please do the following :


1. Select the video that you want to change.


2. Go to the Mediapool - Effects - Additional Effects - Plug-ins. Choose the Logoaway plug-in under the "Virtual Dub plug-ins" option. Then click on Insert Plug-in


3. On the next screen click on OK.


4. Click on the Logoaway entry that has appeared under "Plug-ins for selected options", then click on "Plug-in settings...".


5. In the settings page click on Solid Fill, a little black box will appear on the preview monitor. Now use the Logo border size and Logo border position settings to place the black box over the logo.


6. Then once you have it in the correct position (try to make sure that it is not too large), click on the UGLARM setting.


7. Then OK and the logo should be removed.