How can I install the 1000 extra sounds for my Music Maker?

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In order to install the additional 1000 sounds, please do the following


1. First of all it is important that you are on the latest version of the program. To find out please click on Help- Online Update. Alternatively you can find the latest program versions under if you click on "Downloads".


2. Now use the option on the bottom right "Catooh".


3. Choose the "Music Maker Sounds Package", move it to the shopping cart and proceed to pay. Here please choose the private licence.


5. Log in with your Catooh login or create a new account.


6. Once you have to pay for the sounds please type in your Coupon Code (G2...) which you can find on the white CD sleeve case the CD came in or within an Email for DLV and redeem this code.


7. Now you can download the package. Within the Catooh Window, if you click on the option on the left hand side "Activate Media after Download", the styles will be installed immediately after the download. If not you have to use the option to Add Styles within the program Music Maker to add those styles manually. Normally you can locate them under Documents/Magix Downloads.