How do I do Picture in Picture?


This FAQ is aimed at customers who wish to use Picture in Picture effects in Movie Edit Pro or Video Pro X. Picture in Picture refers to when two or more photos or videos are displayed on the screen at one time.

There are two main ways to accomplish this, you can use the templates in the Effects Manager or you can create the effects manually.


Using the Effects Picture in Picture templates


1. Place two objects on the timeline one above the other. Then go to Effects - Design Elements - Picture in Picture.


2. Simply drag the effect 2/1 Left onto the photo in Track 1 and then the effect 2/1 Right onto the photo in Track 2.


3. This will then create a picture in picture effect. You can experiment by dragging different effects onto the photo objects.


Tips to bear in mind

  • If you want more photo or video objects, simply continue stacking them under the object on Track 1.
  • Objects on the lower tracks always show on top of photos above them. This means if you want a background photo it needs to be on Track 1.
  • The same principle will work with video objects as well.


Manually creating a Picture in Picture effect


1. As above make sure that you have two objects placed above and below each other on the timeline.


2. Click once on the object in Track 1 to highlight and go to Effects - Movement Effects - Size/Position.


3. You can then use the preview screen to move the object around, by clicking on it and dragging it to change the position. You can also use the little orange markers around the object to change the size.


4. Once you are happy with the size and postion, click on the Object in Track 2 and repeat the same.

5. Using this method you can customise the settings to what you want and can add in more objects to make the scene more complex.