Why am I having installation problems with my download version?

Your download version is getting stuck at a specific point or says it is missing files?


Please delete the file that you have downloaded, it is likely corrupted. We then recommend downloading the file again.

If you are using a download manager, then please make sure it is disabled or turned off.

Once you have redownloaded the file, then try installing it again.


When you click on the file that you have downloaded, it does not open or Windows asks what program you need to open it with?


Your anti-virus or firewall software has likely removed the ending from the file to try and protect your system from malware.

You will need to open up your Windows Explorer. This can be done by clicking on the little yellow folder icon next to the start ball in Windows 7 or Vista or pressing the WINDOWS KEY (on keyboard) + E on all versions of Windows.

Go to the directory with your downloaded file in.

Right click on the file and go to rename.

Add ".exe" on the end of the file.

Press enter, the application should now load when you double click on it.


The installation manager has stalled or has a yellow symbol next to the program name


The download has likely become corrupted and needs to be restarted. You will need to go to the Installation Manager directory and delete the files.

The Installation Manager files are held in the following default directory :

Documents\MAGIX downloads\Installationsmanager


Please go to this directory and delete any files in here. Then restart the download manager and it should start the download process again for you.


If this information does not help, then please contact MAGIX Customer Service.