Why are some soundpool styles not imported into Music Maker or Music Studio?


The reason why the Soundpools do not appear is due to an indexing problem with the directory name of the Soundpool. The fix for this requires replacing the StyleSynonyms.ini in the program directory.


1. You need to download the latest ini file from the Download - Tools area, here is a link to the page:



2. Save this file to your desktop or documents folder. If your browser does not ask where to save the file, you can normally find it in the download list of the settings menu in the browser. Find it in the download list and right click on it and select Open in Folder. It will open in the Download folder, now you can move it to another directory.


3. Go to the following directory on your PC :

Music Maker - Windows Vista, 7 and 8:

C:\Program Files (x86)\MAGIX\Music Maker (Version number)\Bitmaps\mxgui.4.0\Explorer\Soundpool

Music Maker - Windows XP:

C:\Program Files\MAGIX\Music Maker (Version number)\Bitmaps\mxgui.4.0\Explorer\Soundpool

Music Studio - Windows Vista, 7 and 8:

C:\Program Files (x86)\MAGIX\Samplitude Music Studio (Version Number)\bitmaps\mxgui.4.0

Music Studio - Windows XP:

C:\Program Files (x86)\MAGIX\Samplitude Music Studio (Version Number)\bitmaps\mxgui.4.0


4. Now you need to copy the StyleSynonyms.ini, that you downloaded, into this directory and replace the older file.


5. Restart your software and you have to reset your soundpools, please review the following FAQ: 



After this all the soundpools should now show correctly.