Why do I get Encoding Errors when I burn my project?

This FAQ is aimed at helping customers who receive an "Encoding Error" when trying to burn their projects to DVD.

If you are receiving encoding error messages, that generally means that there is something in the movie that is causing a problem.

Unfortunately, there is no easy way of resolving this, it requires going through the movie and removing items until you discover which element is causing the problem.

Common elements that cause this are large photos, photos with strange resolutions and MP3's with distortions in them.

You can test the encoding of the video by using the File - Export Movie - Video as MPEG option. Set the preset to DVD and this will save having to go through the DVD burning menus.

If you manage to encode successfully, you can load the new encoded movie into a new project and you will be able to burn that to DVD. If the encoding fails, then you should be able to view the unfinished exported video file up until the point where the problem occurs, this will help you identify the source of the problem.