How can I install the Independence Suite for Samplitude Music Studio?

The Independence Music Suite can be installed through the Help Menu and by selecting Download Instruments and Sounds.


Once the main Suite is installed, which is around 350MB, then you will need to add an Independence Instrument to start the Suite.


This can be done by going to the VSTi manager and clicking where it says "Click here to add Instrument", then select Independence from the list.


How can I use my old synthesizers within a new version?

How can I use my old synthesizers within Magix Music Maker MX?

Magix Synthesizers belong to the program version they came with. In case you have the older version still installed, you can use the belonging *.syn file and drag and drop it into the arranger of Magix Music Maker MX or Magix Samplitude Music Stuidio MX via the file explorer. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee this.

Where are the additional programs, such as Music Editor 3 with Music Maker MX Premium?

If you cannot locate the additional programs that come with Magix Music Maker 18 MX Premium, please proceed as follows:

  1. Click Windows Start.
  2. Choose "All Programs"
  3. Choose Magix.
  4. Choose Magix Music Maker MX Premium to open its folder.
  5. Click Magix Music Editor 3 or Magix Xtreme Print Studio.

In this way you also locate software documentation and information about Service and Support.

Where can I find my Magix program manual?

A manual will always be installed with our software.

Please click on Windows Start - all Programs - Magix - click on your Magix Program and choose Documentation.

Here you should find the manual.pdf.

In order to open this pdf file you need to have Acrobat Reader installed on your computer.


You can also find the manual on your hard drive:

C:\Program Data\MAGIX\Name of the MAGIC program\manual.pdf

Why am I asked for a Session ID when I start my software?

If you are getting the message about needing a Session ID, then it means that you are clicking on the MAGIX Screenshare icon.


This is a supplementary piece of software that can be used for remotely viewing other user's screens.


The version that comes free with MAGIX software, only allows you to accept incoming sessions. This is why it asks for the ID, only the Deluxe version allows you to create your own session.


What is "Waveform output device "" cannot play this format"?

If you receive the error "Waveform output device "" cannot play this format" then it probably means that your program has the wrong settings for your soundcard.


You will need to open your program settings, they are usually found, in File - Settings - Program Settings. You will then need to find the playback entry. Here is the audio playback setting.


Please check that here, your soundcard is selected and not something else, like a modem or USB device, that is being falsely detected as a sound device.


Why am I being charged Sales Tax in the Online Webshop?

All of our software are German created products, we sell them over a German payment server and therefore have to charge German sales tax, even though it is displayed in a USD format.


This tax is included and has to be shown due to the Webshop design, however, it is not added on top of the price.


The price total that you see in the US and Canadian Webshop is always the price that you will pay.

What can I do if I have lost my serial number?

If you have lost your serial number and it is registered on your account then you can simply contact sales, using the Contact Form and we can resend out your details.


If there is no registration for the product under your email address, then we will not have a record of the serial number. We can provide a replacement serial number, but we will need a copy of BOTH of the following :


Why do I get the error that my desktop resolution does not meet the required size?

If you are experiencing the error message, that your desktop does not meet the required screen display size of 1024x768, then you will need to ensure your screen resolution is at least 1024x768.


On XP, you can change this setting with the following instructions :


On Vista and Windows 7 you can use these instructions :


Can I use music from iTunes in MAGIX products?

Unfortunately, most MAGIX products do not accept music that has been downloaded with iTunes, this is because Apple use AAC or MP4 format.


The only exception to this rule is Audio Cleaning Lab, which has a fee based activation for the codec.


To use iTunes music in MAGIX products it will need to be converted to MP3, WAV or WMA first. This can be done in audio software like Audio Cleaning Lab or many other converters available.


There is a also a FAQ from Apple that covers this topic :

How do I activate my program offline?

In some cases, where you do not have an internet connection at home or you experience problems with the online activation, then you may need to activate your product offline.


For versions 14 and below (Photostory 7 and below)


1. Go to activate your product.


2. In the activation screen, please click on the Post/Fax option.


Why do I receive Error 1 when trying to activate?

Error code 1 means that an internet connection to our activation server cannot be made.

Please check your internet connection and make sure that our software is allowed to access the internet through your firewall software.

If you cannot get your internet access to work, then it may be easier to use the automated Telephone service. Simply click on the Telephone button and there will be the number to the automated service displayed.

Where can I find new sounds ?

The latest sounds for your MAGIX program can be found at our online portal:

New sound presets for your Revolta 2 you can find here:

Free samples are also available here and provided by:

VST instruments and effects can also be a real asset to your MAGIX software. Whether you want more  oboe, need a big organ, a real synthesizer, or a drum machine. You can find some here:

Why am I having installation problems with my disc version?

This FAQ is aimed at installation problems of all MAGIX disc based software.


PLEASE NOTE : If you are running Windows 7 then please consult the Windows 7 installation FAQ.

I am being told that I need Administrator rights


1. Insert the Program DVD, when the menu appears select Browse DVD.


2. Right-click on the Setup program icon and choose "Run as Administrator".


What are the settings I can use for MP3 Export ?

This FAQ is designed to help with choosing settings for Audio program from Magix and video programs when exporting to  MP3.


With your audio program  you can choose different encoder options for MP3 export. Do this in the Export dialog for the Format Settings.

The encoder settings:


How do I record from my soundcard or a website?

This FAQ is aimed at customers who wish to use their MAGIX product to record what is playing on their computer, i.e. from Youtube, through a media player or voice narration.


Recording what is being played through your soundcard is very straightforward, it requires enabling your Stereo Mix (sometimes called Wave Out Mix). Please choose the relevant instructions for your operating system.


Windows 7 and Windows Vista


Why am I getting a Database error when starting my MAGIX software?

This FAQ is aimed at helping customers who are experiencing Database errors when opening or using their MAGIX software. These can occur because there are problems with the MAGIX Database software, which is used for storing information related to projects or MP3 collections, for example.


To fix the problem we recommend trying to rebuild your database. Unfortunately, this will mean that some organisational information will be lost (however no music or project data will be deleted). The data that will be deleted is the following :


Why do I get memory errors when I am using the software?

This FAQ is aimed at helping customers who are receiving Memory Errors when using the software. These can be errors like Internal Memory errors or Memory Exception failures. These types of errors can occur at any stage, may be random and usually result in the software crashing.

Firstly, to recover from the crash you may have to manually close the software down. You can do this on all versions of Windows by pressing CTRL - ALT - DEL simultaneously on your keyboard.


Do I need to register my MAGIX program?

You are not required to register your MAGIX program with us.


However, only registered customers are eligible for technical support. Registering your products also means that we have a record of your serial number. If you lose this, then we can easily retrieve it for you.


If you are experiencing problems with Registration, then please contact MAGIX Sales.

How do I find my Computer ID?

Your computer ID is only needed for activations and is only useful to MAGIX Customer Service Representatives. Please review the following answer :


How to activate my product

How do I convert DRM (Digital Rights Management) files?

This FAQ is for people trying to convert DRM files such as MP3, Windows Media, iTunes, etc to a format that can be used by our software.


1. Purchased or downloaded songs from online source web outlets may contain a file protection called DRM (Digital Rights Media). This protection is to prevent that the song or material can be converted into another format including burning to CD or DVD. This can also concern the MP3 format with a DRM or Copyright restriction.

How do I make a back-up of my project?

This FAQ is aimed at users who want to make a back-up of their project. A back-up can be created on a CD/DVD or onto your Hardddisk or a removeable Flash Drive.


How do I install content from Catooh?

This FAQ is aimed at customers who have downloaded content from Catooh and are having problems using it.

Catooh content comes in different formats, there are straight Video files (.mpg, .wmv) or audio files (WAV, OGG) or there are MAGIX content files (.MTP). The .MTP files can contain many different MAGIX effects, fades, DVD layouts and so on.


To use normal video or audio files, you can simply drag them from the Import Window on to a track below.

To use .MTP files please refer to the following:


Why is Aero deactivated when I start the program?

This FAQ is aimed at customers who have their Windows Vista or 7 Aero display scheme deactivated when starting MAGIX software. The reason for this is that some MAGIX software uses what is called Overlay mode. When this mode is displayed with Aero then graphical glitches can occur, therefore Aero is deactivated to prevent problems.


Some of the older or supplementary programs cannot be changed, so unfortunately Aero will always be deactivated with the starting of the software.


Why does MAGIX software have codec activations?

When importing (decoding) and exporting (encoding) video and audio material, then you always need the appropriate codec installed on your machine.


These codecs are often provided by 3rd-Parties and carry a licence cost for commercial based products. This means that for each customer installation of a MAGIX video editing product, we must pay a codec licence. 


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